This changelog tracks changes to the Brex API and is updated at least once a month. Updates to the API are on a rolling basis and not on any defined schedule.

February 2022

  • Transactions API: The List cash accounts endpoint response object now includes a primary boolean field indicating whether the cash account is the primary cash account for the Brex account. Every Brex user must have one primary cash account.
  • All APIs: Added a new header for tracing with a generic name X-Brex-Trace-Id . Although the previous header X-Datadog-Trace-Id is still in use as of now, we recommend to start using X-Brex-Trace-Id as it is vendor-agnostic and will unlikely change overtime.
  • Payments API: Added cancellation_reason into the Transfer response.

January 2022

  • Webhooks API: Added beta support for webhooks. View the webhooks guide for how to get started and the webhooks API reference for supported events and how to use them.
  • Team API: Added a monthly_available object to the responses for both the GET and SET methods for user limits

December 2021

  • Payments API: Added the ability to do book transfers between Brex Cash accounts. See counterparty -> type -> BOOK_TRANSFER in the request body for the Create Transfer endpoint

November 2021

October 2021

  • Payments API: Added the ability to filter vendors by name (via encoded query param) for the lists vendors endpoint
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