What is the difference between a user token and an OAuth token?

The user token is used to authenticate your own Brex account. The OAuth token is used when building partner applications to authenticate other Brex accounts.

What is the expiration time for a user token versus an OAuth token?

User tokens expire if they are not used to make an API call for 30 days. When used regularly, they will not expire. User tokens can also be revoked using the Brex dashboard if needed. The OAuth token lasts for one hour and then must be refreshed.

Can a Brex user have multiple Brex Cash accounts and Cards?

Yes, a Brex user can have multiple Cash accounts and Cards. You can use List Cash Accounts endpoint to get a list of Cash accounts and the List Cards endpoint to get a list of Cards for a user.

Is it possible to get pending transactions via the API?

This is not available through the API today.

Can you filter transactions using a time range through the API?

This is not available through the API today, but the current workaround is to request all transactions and then filter the transactions on your side.

Is there a way to check the balance of a user's account using the API?

Yes, the List Cash Accounts endpoint returns the current balance of each account.

How do I get a card's PAN?

You can use the Get Card Number endpoint to get a card's PAN. That endpoint requires the card ID, which you can get using the List Cards endpoint.

Is there any way to use the Brex API to programatically add cards to Apple Pay?

There is no programmatic way to add credit cards to Apple Pay via the Brex API. Apple does not offer a way to add payment passes/credit cards to Apple Pay outside of the iOS environment.

Apple does offer options for adding an "Add to Apple Wallet" to your iOS app, but it requires a special entitlement to enable in-app provisioning of payment cards that only Apple can grant.

How do I get the request trace ID to help with support requests?

It is in the API response header called X-Brex-Trace-Id.

Are transactions from the API returned in real-time?

Only settled transactions are returned from the API. We don't return pending transactions today, so transactions are not returned in real-time as they happen, and will only be returned in the API as transactions settle.

Is it possible to share vendors between Brex accounts?

Vendors are unique to a customer account. Currently, it is not possible to share a vendor between accounts. As a workaround, you can add the same vendor to each account.

What's the difference beteween List Transfers and List Transactions?

List Transfers returns a list of transfer payments (ACH, wire, or mail check) to vendors that are initiated via Brex.

List Cash Transactions and List Card Transactions return all transactions for a Brex cash account and Brex card respectively.

Is it possible to receive payments via the Payments API?

Receiving payments, such as initiating an ACH debit to an external account, is not supported through the API today.

What's the difference between a vendor card and a virtual card?

The differences are documented here.

What is a book transfer?

It is a special transfer type to move funds between Brex cash accounts.

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