Get started with Postman

Postman is a browser or desktop app used for API testing. It gives you a UI to easily test and play around with API calls without having to write code. We suggest using Postman to get started quickly and see what the Brex APIs offer.

To get started, just go to the Brex developer workspace which has collections for all of the Brex APIs. You can fork the collection into your own workspace and then make real calls to the Brex API with the proper authentication. This video walks through how easy it is to get started.

Customers using Postman

For convenience, customers can also click one of the links below which will automatically fork an API collection and environment into your workspace to make authentication easier.

Payments API Run Payments API in Postman
Team API Run Team API in Postman
Transactions API Run Transactions API in Postman

Partners using acounting or onboarding APIs

For partners using client credential or auth code grant authentication, the Brex developer workspace has 2 environments meant to make authentication easier. In the workspace, click Environments and copy the environment you want to your workspace. Fill in the appropriate values for the environment variables.

Before calling an endpoint, select an environment: onboarding or accounting staging. There is an embedded pre-request script that will help you to automatically refresh authentication tokens:

  • Each time you call the onboarding endpoints, the script will request a new access token if the previous token expired.
  • To use the accounting API, you will first need to use the Postman authorization UI to authenticate against a Brex client's account. You need to manually copy the resulting refresh token into the environment variable. Thereafter, the script will automatically use the refresh token to request a new access token whenever it expires.
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