Customer app

A Brex app is provided in Zapier as a no-code solution for Brex clients to access the Brex API. When you first connect the Brex app on Zapier, you'll need to use your Brex dashboard credentials to sign in. For more information on Zapier, visit the website to find product demos, documentation, and examples.

Partner app

A Brex partner referrals integration is provided in Zapier as a no-code solution for using the onboarding API. Zapier will allow you to create customized, prefilled Brex applications for your clients.

To use the Brex partner referrals integration, follow the instructions on the Getting Started page to get access to the Brex API. Your client ID and secret will be used for authentication in Zapier. Apply for our partner program here. A partner manager will qualify the partnership opportunity and create a personalized referral code and landing page for your business. The referral code will be sent in the referral_code field of the create referral endpoint and is used for attribution.

This integration has actions to create a referral and upload a document, which use the create referral and create document upload endpoints respectively. It also has triggers for when a new referral is created and when a referral status changes, which use the list referrals endpoint. Refer to the onboarding API documentation for descriptions of these endpoints and explanations of each field.


A Zapier trigger is an event that starts a Zap. Using Zapier triggers, you can create a workflow to listen for transfer events in Brex and then take actions in Zapier.

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