Zapier example workflows

These example Zaps have already been created. To use them, follow the video or steps below that will lead you to copy the Zap and execute it from your own Zapier account. These Zaps provide a good starting point for many common workflows, but they are easily customizable to your own use cases as well.

Monthly Export of Brex Card Transactions to CSV in Google Drive

Link to Zap

  1. Click this link to access the Zap. Log in or sign up for Zapier if you haven't already.
  2. Click "Try this Zap" to bring up the Zap editor. Going through the following steps will connect your Brex and Google accounts, and also allow you to test the connections to make sure the Zap works.
  3. For step 1 (Every Month in Schedule by Zapier), click "Test trigger" to simulate a monthly trigger that runs on the first day of each month. If you want to change the frequency or timing of the report generation, you can modify that in "Set up trigger".
  4. For step 2 (Get Card Transactions in Brex), you'll need to sign in to your Brex account. After doing so, select your account from the dropdown, click continue in "Set up action", and click "Test & continue" under "Test action".
  5. For step 3 (Utilities in Formatter by Zapier), click "Test & continue".
  6. For step 4 (Create File from Text in Google Drive), you'll need to connect your Google account so it has access to your Google Drive which is where the file will be exported to. Once your account is connected, under "Set up action", you can select a specific drive or folder to place the exported file if you so choose. You can also customize the File Name. Click "Continue" in "Set up action" and click "Test & continue" under "Test action" to finish the test.
  7. To confirm the test steps have worked, go to your Google Drive and see if the file is in the folder you designated in the previous step. This CSV will be in the format of a .txt file, so to convert it to a CSV, import it to your spreadsheet software of choice as a CSV.
  8. Once you've confirmed the output of the file is as expected, go back to your Zap and hit "Publish" in the top right corner to turn it on. It will now run monthly, or in whatever interval you specified in the trigger step.
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